Hiring a Plumber

If you are experiencing clogged pipes, a leaky faucet or need professional installation of a sink, bathtub or faucet, one of the people that you can contact is a professional plumber. While plumbing might not be a glamorous job, they do however provide your home with an invaluable service. Here are some tips on hiring a plumber to do work on your home.

A good plumber can save you lots of headaches and money in the long run. Many people choose a plumber on price alone; unfortunately this can lead to an inexperienced plumber or a shoddy job. If you recently moved to a new neighborhood, you probably want to make sure you have a plumber lined up in case there are problems and you need someone to come to your home as soon as possible. Usually a good place to start out finding a plumber is by asking your friends and neighbors. Most people will be able to refer you to a plumber that they have had worked for them in the past and has done good work for them.

If you are calling plumbers out of a telephone book, make sure they are licensed and bonded and are qualified to work on your problem. A plumber that mostly works on drains may not be the best person for the job to install a bath tub and vice versa.

When a plumber comes to your home he or she should be able to give you a detailed description of the problem in plain and easy to understand English. Most people feel more secure that they are not being ripped off when a plumber explains the problem to them in a logical and easy to understand manner. Your plumber should specifically write out an estimate and give you a complete price before starting work on your home. You should ask any questions regarding the estimate before you agree to the price and the job.

A plumber should also keep a clean working environment. You donít want a plumber leaving your bathroom looking worse then when they entered. Make sure they respect your bathroom and clean up after themselves. Once the job is complete, the plumber should again go through the process of what exactly he or she did to fix the problem, show you the new parts he or she installed and give you the old parts.

If your plumber installed a piece of equipment or completed a big job, ask about warranties and make sure any warranties are in writing. You donít want to have problems a couple of weeks later due to poor workmanship or shoddy materials used. Always make sure everything is writing so that you can have proper recourse if a disagreement occurs.

If you are either new to an area or have a plumbing problem, follow the above tips on finding a plumber that is right for a specific job and will charge you a fair price to either install a product or fix a plumbing problem.